Library Display: Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon

I’ve been doing displays at the library I work at ever since they realised I did illustration work. However, I’ve never really thought about, or had the time to record and photograph them, Its just too busy an environment. I managed to get some time to sneak off the counter and create a display to mark the Chinese New Year. After taking the advice of a fellow colleague, I took my camera along today to get a few quick snaps before it all disappears and transforms into something else. I’ve already had to heal the poor dragons forelimb after finding it torn off. No doubt, the workings of a jubilant 2 year old. It’s ephemeral art really and I’ve never felt too precious about them, but I always find them sooo enjoyable to create even if it means getting distracted by small library patrons asking for help finding Rainbow Magic and Horrid Henry Books.